Application for Course Creators

Application for Course Creators – Introduction

The World of Web & Software Development is growing really fast. Like crazily fast. Shortage of employees is something you hear from every single team lead, manager or CTO. We need to have more people capable of coding stuff. German IT Academy is here to help. We want to educate as many people as possible! And you are going to help us on this mission. Thus, here a quick way to get started as a sharing and caring developer with our Application for Course Creators.

Course Creators

German IT Academy started out with a team of developers. We build GITA from ground up while also sharing our knowledge in Tutorials and Courses. Now, we don’t know everything and we never will. But we can know everything with the help of world wide community of Developers. Developers like you!

You can create Courses on German IT Academy and offer them either for free or sell them for a fee. For premium Courses, you’ll get up to 70% of the Course fee. The more you sell, the more you gain. Since we have a team of Course Creators who also provide free tutorials, you have a good breeding ground for sales.

Course Quality

For our Courses we follow simple rules:

  1. Quality over Quantity
  2. Less is more (Minimalistic and Pragmatic approach)

Also, we want our students to have close connection to the Course creator. Therefore a Course creator must meet at least following requirements:

  • Provide high resolution Photo of himself, that can be used to promote the Course
  • Speak English – freely and clearly.
  • Be available to answer to students comments, questions and issues in our eLearning System.
  • Practical Experience with the Technology you are creating your Course about.

If you think you got what it takes, you want to advance our species by spreading knowledge and you want some money. Then you should definitely make use of our Application for Course Creators.