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  • 4 key benefits of Online Certificates - GITA

    Regardless of whether you are looking for expert improvement, new abilities, or another profession, German IT Academy online courses can enable you to turn into an increasingly focused and significant employee with important skills.
  • Top 3 VSCode Plugins for VueJS Development

    Here we explore shortly top 3 Plugins for VueJS Development in VSCode. Note that we left out vuedevtools, since it is not a VSCode Plugin, but a very powerful tool indeed. Vetur, Vue 2 Snippets and ESLint for Vue.js.
  • Material Design with VueJS

    Do you have a VueJS App or do you want to build a Vue App and you want to have a nice Material Design?  What is Material Design? Material design is...
  • Course Creator: Andrey Bulezyuk

    Andrey Bulezyuk is a founder of German IT Academy and a course creator. He mainly covers topics from Web Development to Data Science and Machine Le...
  • Rapid Web Development Prototyping - JSFiddle

    In the final screenshot we fixed our syntax error and we can see a successfully generated static HTML Page from our HTML, CSS and JavaScript Vue Source code. JSFiddle is an integral of quickly trying our new framework or ideas and sharing code snippets.