Vue JS Junior Course


This Post describes the Product “Vuer JS Junior” which is marketed and sold as an online course by German IT Academy.

Certificate or No Certificate?

German IT Academy give you the option to buy the Vue JS Junior Course with or without a certificate. 

 Without Certificate With Certificate

You pay less.

You gain access to the same type, quantity and quality of content.

After finishing the course, you do not get a certificate from German IT Academy.

You pay an extra certificate fee.

You gain access to the same type, quantity and quality of content.

After finishing the course you can do an online exam to prove your knowledge. If you pass the 70% bar, you will get a German IT Academy Certificate.

Detailed Course Syllabus

Please be aware that due to the nature of new programming languages, frameworks or libraries, the syllabus may be changed and updated.

1. Introduction to NodeJS and VueJS

This section provides basic knowledge on JavaScript updates (mainly ECMA Script 6). We want to make sure that our students have the same JavaScript Knowledge level before start tackling the Vue JS Framework. 

After that we jump into the cold water by creating a simple VueJS application. Here we will see how a VueJS "Instance" is structured.

2. Development Environment for VueJS

It is of utmost importance to have the right local development setup in order to accelerate the project/app creation. If you want to create Enterprise scale Vue JS Applications, you will have to use an array of tools and apps to help you achieve that. 

Here we will install VSCode and Plugins like vetur (new window). Then we will install vue-cli and explore it's user interface. 

3. Basic Vue Features and functionalities

Now we are set up to produce enterprise scale applications. We are going to create .vue files - so called Single File Component or just a Vue "Component". In here we will explore basic VueJS functionalities like DOM Manipulation, Templating and directives and data manipulation. We'll also make use of the official plugin vue-router (new window).

4. Putting it all together - example project

At the end of the course we want to consolidate our knowledge and put it all together. We do this by creating our own Resume written in VueJS with Boostrap.

Important bookmarks

The course is being sold on and made accessible to students through the Learning Management System Moodle on .

Lifetime course access

User has access to the course as long as he has an account in the German IT Academy classroom. Copy, Download or Distribution of the bought content is forbidden!