Application for Article Contributors


We at German IT Academy strive to provide our readers and customers with the newest updates on technology, programming language, framework & libraries. For this we offer free tutorials for our subscribers and premium courses for our customers.

If you are a developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, or similar, we can benefit from each other. We provide you the opportunity to create tutorials, your projects, your updates and your code on a given number of topics. If German IT Academy accepts your Submission you’ll gain:

  1. More trust and credibility for your name or your personal website.
  2. A great way to grow your resume by showing off your accepted Articles
  3. Earn money a Reader that came only because of your Article purchases a Premium Course. (25% of Course current Value)

Criteria for Author

Good Article and Product Quality comes with though restrictions on what we do and how we do it. You must meet certain criteria to be able to publish Articles on

  1. You must have professional experience developing with the technology you are writing about.
  2. If #1 not met, you must have proven project experience (Open Repositories, or similar) with the technology you are writing about.
  3. You must know how to create a new Article with WordPress
  4. You must be proficient in English.
  5. You must be able to structure your article in an easy to read way, while providing all necessary Information.

As with all other things, we are humans too and we will review every single application. If you don’t meet some of this criteria, but you think your Knowledge is valuable to our Community, just give it a try.

Author Application