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Capital Markets have become so complex, that no human being can outperform algorithmic trading systems. The most profitable trading system from biggest hedge funds are employing machine learning and artificial intelligence. This course will teach you to use AI for Daytrading and increase your performance.

Chapter 1 : Requirements

  • Basic understanding of Programming Languages
  • Basic knowledge of Python and Databases (we will cover these topics)

Chapter 2 : Introduction

  • Introduction to Python and IDE
    • Creating standalone Python Apps
    • Using external Libraries
    • Connecting to Databases and APIs
  • You will get to know NoSQL/SQL Databases
    • You’ll install MongoDB
    • You will populate your Databases and retrieve data from it
  • You’ll retrieve data from third-party Data Providers
    • Design a python connector to fetch data from external APIs
    • You will learn to manipulate that data, clean it and save to your database


Chapter 3 : Development Setup

  • Vuedevtools – Browser Extension
  • Vue-Cli 3
  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code IDE


Chapter 4 : VueJS Components

  • Structure and SFC
  • Vue-Router
  • Instance properties and methods
  • Vuex – Central Data Store
  • Parent Child Relationships
  • Vue Template Syntax


Chapter 5 : Extending & Enhancing VueJS 2

  • User Interface Libraries (Vuetify, Quasar, … )
  • Building source-code & deploying App


Chapter 6 : Deploying App + Bonus Content

  • Your Resume made with VueJS
  • Deploying built App to AWS Cloud or Google Cloud


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Andrey Bulezyuk


Andrey Bulezyuk is the founder of German IT Academy and an Instructor. He covers topics from Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning.

He published a Book “Algorithmic Trading“, giving his readers the opportunity to learn how to code automatic trading systems for the Stock Market. 

Best learning methods

Time is Money. Therefore, our main objective is to teach you a skill as quickly as possible. So that you can go on and get a promotion or a new job.

Bonus Material

We always try and make our customers happy with some extra bonus material. There is a small surprise content waiting for you.

Certificate of Completion

After completing this Online-Course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used on your Resume to advance your career!

Personal Coaching

Is the topic of this course very critical for your mission? Our Coaches are available for personal or in-house coaching.

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