Return and Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at German IT Academy.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re really sorry for that. You’re well being on our platform is our highest priority and we’re here to help.

Trouble accessing your eLearning System

Online Course Classroom
eLearning System (Online Classroom)

First of all, check your Email for eLearning System Account Credentials. (Also check the spam folder).

If you did not get the email or you still can’t log in, please try to reset your password.

If this does not help, please contact us at or +49 163 7152337 (Phone, Telegram or Whatsapp) and we will resolve this issue.

Refund for Digital Products

Digital Products

Digital Products are Subscriptions to our Content (News, Tutorials, Premium Section, Blog Posts, and similar), Downloadable Good (PDF, Video, Codes, etc.) and Online-Courses. Digital Products can be copied and downloaded without us noticing it. Digital Goods have a unique position in most Countries, which makes sure that sellers don’t go out of business by losing revenue.

Return Policy

We would like to accept returns for digital products and are striving to provide services to achieve just that. Currently we have to decline every return for our digital products. In fact you can’t „return“ a digital product, since you don’t really own it. Just like you can’t return a netflix movie that you streamed, because you never owned it. Thus, you can’t return a Digital Product from German IT Academy.

Refund Policy

A digital product can be copied unlimited amount of time in just a few clicks. We can not make sure that the customer did not made a copy of a digital product or downloaded our products. In fact, we even encourage to do so. This is one of the benefits of our digital products, you can watch it and learn a new programming learning while offline. We do not offer any refunds for our digital products. Like with any other business, we are just people and if we understand the reason for why want a refund, we may pay back your money even if it violates our Refund Policy (to our disadvantage) .

The only reason when we will refund your digital product, is when a digital product you bought was not made available to you in a matter of a few working days even after contacting the support team. Exclusion to this rule: if the support team provided a time frame for when the product will be ready, you’ll have to wait until the provided time range.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.