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You can get paid or free courses. Access them whenever you want, as often as you want and where you want.

You have unlimited access to every online-course you buy on German IT Academy.

Corporate Coaching

We will coach your staff in your company offices all around Europe, Swiss and Israel.

Periodically, we organize Seminars across Germany. Here we provide office spaces for you or your staff.

Enhanced learning

We've done face-to-face coaching. We've done eLearning. Now, we combine these approaches. They enhance each other.

We use Face-To-Face Coaching combined with eLearning. You get a very effective learning experience.

Popular Online Courses

Career Advancing Courses

REST API with Node.js

What you will learn Basics of Node.js while building a RESTful API. This API will perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) methods. A local MongoDB will serve as our database.

VueJS Course + Certificate

VueJS Cheat Sheet

  • 10+ hours on-demand video
  • 25+ Articles about Vue.JS
  • Lifetime access
  • VueJS Certificate issued on your Name
  • Consistent Course Updates
  • <li ...

New era of learning: eLearning.

Awesome Tutorials and IT Updates

Run Moodle with Docker

First of all, install and get Docker up and running. Then, download Moodle or make sure you have a Git-Repository ready at hand. We are going to use docker-compose for this task. Now let’s try Read more…

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