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Cutting Edge Courses for Developers

Educated in Germany.

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Interactive Content

Reinforcement Learning

Our Courses are highly interactive.

We will check on your knowledge while you are watching the content. We ask questions, let you do quizzes and ask you to complete simple tasks.

This method reduces the "in one ear and out the other" effect.

Online Course Guide

Source Code Included

Every Course has an example project where we put all our learned skills together. 

By doing this create a fully functioning app/code which you are free to use for you own resume or projects.

See Source Code

Learning by coding

No Slides. No dry theory. 

German IT Academy strongly believes in Learning By doing. That is why you won't see many slides in our Online Courses.

We teach our students by setting realistic code-related goals and try to achieve them by actually coding. 

Practical Online Courses