REST API with Node.js for Beginners

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What you will learn Basics of Node.js while building a RESTful API. This API will perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) methods. A local MongoDB will serve as our database.

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“I had a very good experience with the coaches and was amazed by the content and support of this Course”

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Great course and friendly support!

Thank you for the value bomb!

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After i put the VueJS Certificate on my Resume, i got much more messages from talent managers. 

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Node.js Coach

Andrey Bulezyuk mainly covers topics from Web Development to Machine Learning.

He published a German book “Algorithmic Trading“, giving his readers the opportunity to learn how to code automatic trading systems for the stock market or the Forex. He has experience as a Backend and Frontend Developer.

Currently employed as Machine Learning Engineer. He takes part in different projects and acts as a Co-Founder in different small start-ups.


This course will teach you to create REST APIs with NodeJS. A library called Express.js will help us with that. It’s a very simple but powerful server. We will save and retrieve the data to and from our locally install MongoDB Server. The library mongoose will help us the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations. We’ll also take a look at a free UI Tool for your locally install MongoDB.

REST API with Node.js Course Curriculum

The Content is split between Theory (Articles & PDF Files), Practice (Video Sessions) and Tests (Multiple Choice Questions). This structure will assure that you have a scientifically proven effective learning experience. With the multiple Choice Questions you can prove that you understand what you just learned.





  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic Experience with Databases

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Introduction to NodeJS and npm

Module 2 - Development Setup

  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code IDE

Module 3 - Setting up MongoDB

  • Downloading & Installing MongoDB
  • Installing & Using MongoUI
  • Creating new Databases, Collections and Documents

Module 4 - REST API & Express.JS

  • Install & require Express.js
  • Create basic routes and start local Server
  • Outsource Entity specific Routes to Express Router
  • Create & test dummy GET, POST, PATCH & DELETE Routes

Module 5 - CRUD Operations & Mongoose

  • Install Mongoose & connect to MongoDB Server
  • Create a basic Product Schema and Model
  • Use the Model in the Express Routes
  • Execute CRUD Operations on local MongoDB

Studying at German IT Academy

You will have to complete the so called “Quizzes” in our Learning Management System Moodle. Questions (Multiple-Choice) relate to the theory and practical parts of the course.

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2 reviews for REST API with Node.js for Beginners

  1. Denis R.

    i didn’t expect much from a course priced so low. Though the course was very streamlined, short and informative.

    Most part that i liked was the personal touch it has. I had issues making the mongoose run on my Mac. I wrote to Andrey directly to the support mail. And again..wasn’t expecting an answer for my technical issues. Though i gut a response that was Stackoverflow like..they research my problem and gave me a solution. Thank you for that German IT Academy and Andrey! 🙂 In restropect i should’ve google it myself..but i like the got urself a fan customer!

  2. Ngyen C.

    Just as already mentiod in my other rewivew, Content is great. This course is pretty short. But i now know how to create an API an also have small enrichment in my resume. Thanks again!

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