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VueJS Fact-Sheet

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What is Vue.JS Certificate?

Vue JS has one of the fastest growing user and developer base across the world. It is becoming more and more implemented by small and big companies due to ease of development. With a VueJS Certificate on your resume, doors will open.

VueJS Certificate Junior German IT Academy

VueJS Certificate Junior German IT Academy

What you will learn

You will learn how develop beautiful, crazy fast and easy to use Websites (Single-Page-Applications).

You will be able to start from literally nothing, to a full functioning VueJS App. Your skill-set will greatly improve and will bootstrap your path to becoming frontend developer.


  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic HTML and CSS experience

The Knowledge Testing

You will have to complete the so called “Quizzes” in our Learning Management System Moodle. Questions (Multiple-Choice) relate to the theory and practical parts of the course.

VueJS Interactive Tests

After completing the Online-Course “Vue.js Certificate Junior” of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used on your Resume to advance your career!

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VueJS Certificate Junior

  1. Introduction to JavaScript and VueJS
    1. Basic JavaScriptInteractive Content
    2. Introduction to NodeJS and npmInteractive Content
    3. VueJS ColdstartInteractive Content
  2. Setting up Development Environment for VueJS
    1. Vuedevtools – Browser ExtensionInteractive Content
    2. Vue-Cli 3Interactive Content
    3. Introduction to Visual Studio Code IDEInteractive Content
  3. Basic VueJS features and functionalities
    1. Structure and SFCInteractive Content
    2. Vue-RouterInteractive Content
    3. Instance properties and methodsInteractive Content
    4. Vuex – Central Data StoreInteractive Content
    5. Parent Child RelationshipsInteractive Content
    6. Vue Template SyntaxInteractive Content
    7. Building source-code & deploying AppInteractive Content
  4. Putting it all together: Example Project
    1. Your Resume made with VueJSInteractive Content

    Ideal Student

    Here is how our ideal students could look like:

    # The Beginner Student

    You know some basic HTML and CSS. You also wrote some basic methods on JavaScript. Now you want to accelerate your Skills to a higher level. Getting a VueJS Certificate Junior is the right way to kickoff your journey into the area of frontend-dev.


    # Frontend-Dev Freelancer

    VueJS freelancer Course

    HTML and CSS is not a highlight for you, it’s mandatory skill to survive in real life. You also know JavaScript and you have probably have coded in another language like Python, PHP, Java or C++. You know the drill. Now you want to create something beautifully looking with your code. VueJS and the UI frameworks of VueJS will do just that!

    Content Type

    The Content is split between Theory (Text & PDF Files), Practice (Video Sessions) and Tests (Multiple Choice Questions). This structure will assure that you have a scientifically proven effective learning experience. With the multiple Choice Questions you can prove that you understand what you just learned.

    Grade Report

    At the end of your Online Course you will get a detailed Grade Report. This report will show you your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, you’ll able to go trough the weak modules again to understand the topic and retry the quiz.

    GITA Classroom VueJS Grades

    Always up to date

    We are giving our best a keeping you and your IT Dev Skills at the top. We achieve this by providing you new online courses that you can start watching instantly. We also post tutorials and Dev News on our German IT Academy Blog. With our Blog Posts you’ll be more update than any other Course Provider can promise you. An example for a Blog Post about VueJS would be Top 3 VueJS UI Frameworks. Even though UI Frameworks is not the topic in the VueJS Course, you’ll learn new stuff every day.

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