VueJS Coaching

Content Upgrade We have upgraded our Coaching Methods. Now we’re using a modern eLearning System while coaching your staff on-site.

Upgrading your Workforce

Our VueJS Coaching is a 2 or 3 day Workshop. In this workshop our Coach will be on site and will coach your staff. A Workshop can have 4 to max. 12 Attendees.

We have gathered great experience with companies of different sizes with different VueJS Applications. They absolutely loved our VueJS Workshop! The Feedback was without exception always 100% positive.

Requirements your staff should ideally meet

  • Basic JavaScript (or moderate Experience in another Programming Language)
  • Basic HTML and CSS experience

VueJS Coaching Topics

Introduction to JavaScript and VueJS
  • Basic JavaScriptInteractive Content
  • Introduction to NodeJS and npmInteractive Content
  • VueJS ColdstartInteractive Content
Setting up Development Environment for VueJS
  • Vuedevtools – Browser ExtensionInteractive Content
  • Vue-Cli 3Interactive Content
  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code IDEInteractive Content
Basic VueJS
  • Structure and SFCInteractive Content
  • Vue-RouterInteractive Content
  • Instance properties and methodsInteractive Content
  • Vuex – Central Data StoreInteractive Content
  • Parent Child RelationshipsInteractive Content
  • Vue Template SyntaxInteractive Content
Advanced VueJS
  • User Interface Libraries (Vuetify, Quasar, … )
  • Building source-code & serving App
  • Deploying built App to AWS Cloud or Google Cloud
  • Fetching data from REST API with “Axios”
  • Using Vuex Plugin “Vuex-ORM”
Putting it all together: Example Project
  • Your Resume made with VueJS

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VueJS Coach

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