Vue.js 2 Workshop

299,00 1.099,00 

Dauer: 2 Tage
Ort Online: Zoom
Ort Präsenz: Europaweit in ihren oder unseren Büros

Vue.js 2 Workshop für Unternehmen schult eure Entwickler in das Framework Vue.js 2 ein. Wir fangen mit den Entwickler bei 0 an und arbeiten uns hoch bis zu einer fertigen und skalierbaren Web Applikation in der Cloud.

1. Day - An Introduction to the Basics

Introduction to JavaScript and VueJS

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Introduction to NodeJS and npm
  • VueJS Coldstart
  • Vuedevtools – Browser Extension
  • Vue-Cli 3
  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code IDE
  • Structure and SFC
  • Vue-Router
  • Instance properties and methods
  • Vuex – Central Data Store

8 hr.

2. Day - Responsive Design

  • Parent Child Relationships
  • Vue Template Syntax
  • User Interface Libraries (Vuetify, Quasar, … )
  • Fetching data from REST API with “Axios”
  • Using Vuex Plugin “Vuex-ORM”
  • Building source-code & serving App
  • Deploying built App to AWS Cloud or Google Cloud

4 hr.

Vue.js 2 Workshop

299,00 1.099,00 

Andrey Bulezyuk


Andrey Bulezyuk mainly covers topics from Web Development to Machine Learning.

He published a German book “Algorithmic Trading“, giving his readers the opportunity to learn how to code automatic trading systems for the stock market or the Forex. He has experience as a Backend and Frontend Developer.

Currently employed as Machine Learning Engineer. He takes part in different projects and acts as a Co-Founder in different small start-ups.