#TwitterFiles: Uncovering the Deep State’s Manipulation of Our Minds

#TwitterFiles: Uncovering the Deep State’s Manipulation of Our Minds

#TwitterFiles: Uncovering the Deep State’s Manipulation of Our Minds

In recent years, the topic of government censorship has become increasingly relevant and controversial. From the widespread censorship in authoritarian regimes, to the subtle manipulation of information by democratic governments, censorship is a global issue that affects billions of people. The rise of social media has made censorship even more complicated, as platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become key players in shaping public discourse and opinion.

The #TwitterFiles book helps you in Uncovering the Deep State’s Manipulation of your Mind.

Recent cases of censorship in democratic societies have sparked debates about the line between national security and personal freedom. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the revelations about Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted the need for increased transparency and accountability in government. The #TwitterFiles book by Andrey Bulezyuk sheds light on these issues and reveals the truth behind government censorship and manipulation. With the author’s expertise in artificial intelligence, corruption, and geopolitics, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the hidden forces that shape our world.

The latest release from Author Andrey Bulezyuk, “TwitterFiles”, is a thrilling and eye-opening read that delves into the deep and complex world of corruption and Censorship. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to wake up to the hidden manipulation of billions of people by the Deep State.

Andrey Bulezyuk brings his extensive knowledge of these topics to the forefront, making “TwitterFiles” an insightful and informative read. With the recent events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and its response, as well as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, it is more important than ever to understand the behind-the-scenes workings of our government and its relationships with technology and power.

TwitterFiles - Andrey Bulezyuk

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This book offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the state of our world and the role that technology and manipulation play in shaping it. If you’re looking for a book that will challenge your beliefs and offer a new perspective, “TwitterFiles” is the book for you. Get your copy today and start your journey towards a better understanding of our world and the forces that shape it.

N-13 – Revolutionizing Local & Global Security

N-13 – Revolutionizing Local & Global Security

Revolutionizing Security with N-13: The Startup Dedicated to Promoting Human Values

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, security is of utmost importance, particularly when it comes to protecting human lives from war, terrorist attacks and similar. The team at n-13, a German startup, is dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to achieve this goal. With their expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, and Quantum Computing, they are working to create a product that will revolutionize the way we approach security.

The key to n-13’s approach is its ability to gather data and store it as digital twins. These digital representations of entities allow n-13 to analyze the relationships and behavior of individuals, organizations, and even entire societies. With the help of advanced analytics tools, users can easily see connections, identify threats, and discover opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

But n-13 doesn’t stop there. With the help of Reinforcement Learning, these digital twins are transformed into autonomous agents. These agents can operate in a simulated environment, allowing n-13’s users to predict future events and make decisions based on that information. The simulation platform is designed to be easy to use and highly intuitive, making it accessible to even those who are not familiar with advanced technology.

The benefits of n-13’s product are far-reaching. Governments, police units, investigation units, and intelligence agencies will all benefit from the ability to predict and prevent threats, thereby reducing human suffering. Even research units and hedge funds can use n-13 to gain a competitive edge.

The team at n-13 is passionate about their work and they are always looking for motivated developers and sales people to join their team. If you’re interested in being a part of the future of human security, they encourage you to try out n-13’s product as an early adopter. You’ll be amazed at how it can help you make more informed decisions, and you’ll be contributing to a safer world for everyone.

In conclusion, n-13 is poised to make a real impact on the world. With their innovative approach to data gathering, analysis, and simulation, they are creating a product that will help us understand and address the challenges we face in a rapidly changing world. So why wait? Join the n-13 team and be a part of the future of human security today!

Contact N-13 Founder: andrey.bulezyuk@protonmail.com


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Back an innovative AI Tools for Podcasts – Crowdfunding

Support the Development of 0effort.app at Kickstarter

Andrey Bulezyuk has launched a Kickstarter Campaign on 17.02.2022 until 16.03.2022. We need your support to develop an Application that will help Podcasters produce more and better content. And alpha PoC is available at https://0effort.app

If you rather take a look at the Kickstarter Campaign you can back us at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/0effort-dot-app/0effortapp-convert-podcast-audio-to-stunning-video?ref=user_menu (new tab).

Who is this Tool for?

Anyone who needs to create Videos with minimum efforts and at scale. People who would like to make us of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Tools to help them create better Video Content – for example to convert a pure audio to a video. To be precise, following people will benefit from 0effort.app:

  • Podcaster who don’t have time, money and the skill to create relevant Videos themselves.
  • Commentators, Gameplayers and similar who would like to create Video Content for their audiences without going out on a limb to produce it.

What does this Tool do?

A Podcaster Creator can upload/import his Audio Episodes to the 0effort.app. An NLP AI will transcribe & understand the contents of this Episode. Based on this Content, the App will find the best context-related videos – from a pool of millions of High Quality & curated Videos. 0effort.app will stich them together on top of that Audio. The end result? Every podcaster will be able to generate high quality, contextually fit videos for their podcast episodes in seconds.

If you want to know something before helping the project out, feel free to DM Andrey Bulezyuk at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreybulezyuk/

Google Down – global outage.

Google Down – global outage.

The websites and services owned by the tech giant – Alphabet giant blacked out for at least one hour on Monday morning. The “Google Down” Hashtag was trending for many hours on Twitter. The fact that billions of individuals and companies around the world rely on these services means a huge percentage of internet users were affected on that day. This blackout started at 6:55 am ET, but Google was able to fix it by 7:52 am ET, and most users across the world were able to use the service thereafter. 

The Question we want to try and answer is this: What consequences will this have for the time after the services are restored? How big is the damage that has beed done?

The services and websites that were affected by this outage were YouTube, Google Assistant, Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google classroom, google search engine, and many more. All users that tried to access the system during the time it was down were getting errors. The good news is all these services were restored within an hour and Google apologised to all users that were affected. 

What caused this blackout?

According to a statement by Google, they say the outage was due to a fault in their internal systems. The exact cause of the outage was an issue in their automated quota management system, which reduced capacity for Google’s central identity management system, causing it to return errors globally. This meant verification of user requests wasn’t possible, which led to errors on the users’ side. 

How much did the Search-Machine Owner lose during this outage?

According to business analysts, the Company lost close to $1.7 million in YouTube Ad revenue alone during the outage on Monday. This value was calculated using the $47,147 that Google earns from YouTube Ad revenue per minute. If all other services that went down are included, the total loss was close to $10 million since YouTube generates about 10% of Google’s revenue. 

It’s Cloud Services were affected too – users were not able to log in into their console. This didn’t directly stopped all Google Cloud Services, but it prevented users from accessing the internal Google Cloud Console. What’s more, even if this log-in outage didn’t cause direct harm, the trust has been shattered. The trust in Alphabet to ensure its Cloud Services to be in a position to provide resilient Cloud Services. Monday was a good day – at least for Microsoft Azure and AWS.

This whole GoogleDown incident will most definitely spark many organisations to start the move to a multi-cloud hybrid-cloud solution.

Python Backend Development Degree

Python Backend Development Degree

A decade ago, if you wanted to start a career as a software programmer/developer, you had to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, software engineering, or math. However today, you have many other options which will introduce you to the world of programming. Some of these ways include coding boot camps and training programs. One such program is the Python Backend Development Degree (24 weeks) being offered by German IT academy

Backend programming is pertinent to website building and happens to be one of the most sought after and highly paid programming skill. German IT academy is teaching all about it in just 24 weeks whereas you might spend 4 years in an educational institute learning half the things and paying 10x more. Let’s look into the details to determine its suitability and demand in contemporary job market. 

Is a training program/online degree worth it?

Nowadays, it is more important to have skills than a degree. Skill is what made Mark Zuckerberg and Steve jobs, not college degrees. Also;

What’s great about programming is that you can acquire this skill at any stage in your life. 

This idea is also appealing if you do not want to waste four years of your life learning half the things you would have no use for. A quick way to fulfill your programming aspirations is to become a backend developer. There are many kinds of programmers, but backend developers are some of the most sought after experts in their fields. 

It’s also important here to mention that an educational degree has credence of its own and we are not in any way discouraging the students from studying in 4 years degree programs. It’s all about what suits you depending on your budget and goals. 

Why go for Python Backend Development Degree? 

A backend developer can easily make up to $133,975 annually and it is something that you can easily do in the comfort of your home, in an office, or as a freelancer who is continents apart from his or her client. Are you intrigued and want to learn more about being a backend developer. Here are some things that you should know. 

If working remotely, you can achieve pretty impressing salaries.

What is Backend Development?

Backend development is what keeps the internet running in background. Backend developers mostly focus on how a website should work. They write code for the functionality and logic powering the application that are running on user end, and the main coding they work on is never seen by users. Backend Engineers can be found across industries, helping to build websites using advanced technologies for all kind of companies. The technology of back end is a combination of applications, servers and databases.

Websites on internet are based on thousands of lines of code that is based on computer languages. Just like we understand a specific language, to design applications programmers have to write that code which tells the computer what to do, how to make a specific website look, work and interact with a user. 

German IT academy 

German IT academy is offering online courses for students in the field of programing and information technology. The courses are very detailed and promise to impart the related skill quite proficiently. Another important thing about these courses is the minimal price at which they are being offered. All these factors make the academy a viable place for learning the important skills that can help you earn handsomely from the comfort of your home. Now, the academy is offering its new online course with great demand. 

Python Backend Development Degree

German IT Academy is launching a new Product “Backend Developer Degree 24weeks”. The reason that most of the students are so much interested in this program is that Backend developers are in great demand in today’s era of information and technology. We are surrounded by web and backend development is inevitable to keep it running. This makes it a great skill with annual earnings up to $133,975 and that too with a balanced life where you work at your disposal without any stress.    

The Python Backend Development Degree comprises of all the essentials you need in order to become a successful backend developer. With the basic language Python 3, you can also expect to learn some of the Linux basics as well while also touching on REST APIs and Python Frameworks. Our Backend Developer Degree offers you to learn backend development language which basically work on the background of many web applications and websites. The work you will learn actually allows the web to connect to databases, power web applications, manage user connections and much more. 

What we will teach you?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the 24 weeks degree and open it up for our students to let them have a better idea of what’s on the offer and why they should take it. Here are some of the things that you will learn with us as a backend developer:

1.     The language Python 3

Python 3 is widely used for artificial intelligence, with packages for several application fields including Machine LearningNatural Language Processing and Data Science. As a programmer, it will elevate your programming skills and help you understand basics more. 

2.     PostgreSQL and NoSQL Databases

These are some of the most commonly used databases that you will come across and need to understand. The program encompasses a brief introduction of these databases to make the students familiar with their working and use in backend programming. 

3.     Creating Rest APIs

Rest APIs are part of web infrastructure and as a programmer it is significant that you have command over this particular subject.

4.     Python Frameworks; Django and Flask

This is an old age debate about which framework is better. Every programmer has a preference, but if you want to be a backend developer, it is important to understand both. So, we will teach you both. 

5.     Linux and Clouds

Linux provides a more free hand to programmers than windows. Learning the basics of Linux and Cloud Services like Google Cloud or AWS are essential for a programmer. 

6.     Creating Simple Websites

It is the bread and butter of any programmer, especially the beginners. Learning how to make simple websites, using host sites, and website builders are some of the essential skills you should learn. We believe in imparting money making skills, so you can learn this handy skill in the program as well. 

7.     Learning Git

Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is designed for coordinating work among programmers, but it can be used to track changes in any set of files. Its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

Why online learning is for you?

Self-paced learning

Students faced with the challenge of balancing work, family, and education, may find that an online degree is an ideal solution for them. Further, pursuing an online degree can prepare students for career advancement and showcase their key skills to potential employers. Also, Covid-19 will displace a lot of programmers from office into their homes. So working and studying from home should a no-brainer from now on. Your Python Backend Developer Degree will be a nice side effect after the lockdown ends.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning differs from the traditional class lessons. The self-paced method allows students to design their own learning experience, not only at their comfort level, but according to their own interests and learning preferences. The role of the instructor is to provide guidance, feedback on proficiency and tailor the learning environment to students’ needs. We will teach you to become better learners on your own under our guidance. 

Time Management

Time management is important because it helps you control your workday. Control allows you to build your business or perform your job without compromising your work-life balance. Better time management improves your performance and work output. You will get work done on time, boost your own confidence and improve career opportunities.

Virtual Communication and Collaboration

Virtual Communication will also boost when you will participate in discussion boards with your class fellows, communicate with instructor and collaborate through various soft wares. The abundance of different tools (Zoom, MS Teams, … ) make this process frictionless.

Self-Motivation with Python Backend Development Degree

By earning an online degree, you can prove that you are able to tackle multiple tasks, set priorities, and adapt to changing in every work conditions. This skill is among the top 10 employability skills employers want to see in new hires and is essential for a backend developer.

Critical-thinking Skills

Critical thinking plays an important role in any type of education or a job. Online learning forces you to develop your critical thinking skills in different ways that you might not have experienced before. This sort of self-paced and self-motivated learning develops critical thinking skills. A creative programmer will become a backend developer who is always in demand. In this field, your work speaks for itself. 

What it will cost you?

The students are apprehensive of the costs of online programs and believe that these are always overpriced. German IT academy has solved the problem. The Python Backend Development Degree will cost you between $54 and 60$ per month (depending on your payment plan). It’s a 6 months long course which you can easily do in comfort of your home and by paying a minimal amount which is nominal in comparison to the money making skills it impart. 

The next question can be about the quality of online teaching and students can have concerns about it because of the low price. We assure you that you’ll find the program to be one of its kind and the level of teaching is unmatched by any of the competitive programs. The online certificate is also recognized well by many industries and institutes. It is inexpensive yet the best because we believe in empowering our students with the finest of skills and in helping them achieve their dreams.