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Very pragmatic approach. I felt more like working, than learning. This learning by doing really helped understand VueJS. Thank you German IT Academy. Looking forward for new Courses.
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Ngyen C.
Backend Dev
Great course and friendly support!
Thank you for the value bomb!
German IT Academy Student
Chris B.
Marketing Specialist

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PHP 7 in 2020 Tutorial

Getting started with PHP 7 in 2020

Arman Khan
What is PHP? PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called “Personal home page”). It is an open source scripting language created for the web development. PHP is a server-side language…
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Complete VueJS 3 Guide

Complete Vue.js 3 Guide

Andrey Bulezyuk
This is the first and most comprehensive Guide to Vue.js 3. We give an overview of the Changes, an introduction in usage of VueJS3 with Example Codes.
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Frontend in 2020

Awesome Future of Frontend in 2020

Andrey Bulezyuk
Before we dive in to Future of Frontend in 2020. Let’s begin with some basics as we gradually get more forward-looking. We obviously cannot know what technology will dominate in…
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VueJS Practice and VueJS Seminar published by German IT Academy

VueJS Tutorial – #6 Template Syntax

Andrey Bulezyuk
Before we start with another VueJS Tutorial, let me promote our VueJS Course with a Certificate right at the beginning. You’ll see more interactive and deeper Content about VueJS. At…
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VueJS Practice and VueJS Seminar

VueJS Tutorial- #5 Component Relationships

Andrey Bulezyuk
Welcome to another VueJS Tutorial. Let’s explore a very important topic in VueJS: the relationship between your Vue-Components. It’s crucial because everything is importing everything from everywhere anytime…or something like…
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VueJS Practice and VueJS Seminar

VueJS Practice – #4 Vuex Store

Andrey Bulezyuk
Here we go again, another VueJS Practice. This time we’ll discuss a very important part of every VueJS Application – the Central Data Store or Vuex Store. Vuex is a…
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